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Hello! I am a podficcer and writer who is currently entrapped deep within the pit of Star Wars rare pairs. I can be found on tumblr or the Audiofic Archive.

I also voice the role of Barís Crystaltongue in The Sansûkh Podfic Project. If you like my podfic, you should DEFINITELY check that out.

My general policies as a podficcer are laid out in this tumblr post. If you have any further questions, you should feel free to send me an ask over there.

As an author, I give blanket permission for any of my works to be translated/have art made from them, and for any of my works to be podficced EXCEPT for those in the Darker Image and Shift in Equilibrium series. Please note, however, that podficcing works of mine does not give you exclusive rights to do so, and I welcome and encourage re-pods, and may even re-pod my fics myself. For all translations and podficcing, please message me to let me know they are happening, and link me to the final result.