My pseuds:
the_casual_cheesecake, The_Casual_Sounds
I joined on:
My user ID is:
I live in:
most likely in bed


I am on tumblr with the same pseud, and on twitter as casual_cheese, come talk to me.

This is me, granting blanket permission to you, to create any transformative content from any of my works posted here and on any other platform under the name of The Casual Cheesecake.

This covers my written work as well as my podfic, under the following conditions:
- get permission from any other parties involved, as applicable, following best practice/fandom etiquette.
- retain the locked-to-archive status of the original work.
- anything fannish stays in fannish spaces, contact me first otherwise.
- if someone (not a charity) is making money from this, contact me first. I don’t know how I’ll feel about it and it’ll probably depend on what precisely you’d like to do.
- you credit me and link back to me/the work, as applicable.
- if the thing you want to reuse contains personal/private information, of me or of someone else, contact me first.
- send me a link on any platform that I exist fannishly on so I can appreciate your work :D

P.S: I record fics that I fall in love with because I adore them, so re-pods are a thing I would enjoy immensely, please feel free to re-record anything that I have.