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haloxix, sugardoll, tenshinokorin
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Maryland, USA


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Tenshi no Korin has been my online pen name since 1997. (I also answer to Tenshi, Alorian, and Leah. I should answer to Korin, except that my pen name is sadly backwards.) I'm co-owner of bishonenink, the fanfic site I've shared with my wife since 1998. I write fanfic for fun and novels for money. (And okay, for fun too.) So unless you're my editor, please don't offer unsolicited critique of what I share here for fun and for free. Otherwise I'm happy to chat!

I generally have problems with holy warriors, soldiers-for-hire, brash idealists, gunslingers, spoiled brats, and rentboys.

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(Using AO3 is still an experiment for me, and I'll be uploading older stories along with anything new as time allows. If you have a request for an old story you'd like to see on AO3, let me know! For my full collection of works you'll want my website.)


About HaloXIX: HaloXIX ("halo nineteen") is the pen name used for fics sourced from a three-person RP. While under the main transcriber's account (tenshinokorin) it is truly a collaborative effort. The writers are longtime friends (10+ years) and fanwriters (15+) years, who have an unusually keen interest in genetically engineered supersoldiers, lip gloss, and children's card playing games.