Andromeda Shun from Saint Seiya

My pseuds:
heathen-heart, radula, stickpenalties
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*bounces from fandom to fandom like a ping pong ball*

i'm on dreamwidth, and there are promo tweets for my fics (and also sometimes wip snippets) on my public twitter!

if you only read one of my fics, read bleed through, affectionately known as "the xiyao abortion roleplay fic".

i do TRY to reply to every comment, although it sometimes takes me… months or years. ha.

pseuds (liable to be rearranged at any time):

  • stickpenalties (main username): sports rpf (very old, i don't do this anymore), anime & manga, miscellaneous live-action tv and movies, newer original fiction
  • radula: the magnus archives, older original fiction
  • heathen_heart: music rpf
  • exelion: i made this pseud in jan 2021 for anime stuff, but it's all under my default pseud now (aug 2021) because i decided it didn't make sense to have things separated out that way