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monster_of_hope, stewardess
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I welcome podfic, remixes, translations, and all other transformative works based on my transformative works.

As of 2012, all new fanfiction is posted only at AO3.

A bunch of fanfiction is still, alas, at:

...which is only viewable to people who join the community (membership is unmoderated, though, so folks can come and go as they please).

But you can also find a bunch of fanfiction and assorted screencaps at:

…which is also an unmoderated community requiring membership to view some posts. For some foolish reason I did not copy over the entirety of the livejournal fanfiction community to dreamwidth, and I need to do that. But mostly I need to put the fic HERE, at AO3.

My livejournal account is inactive. I can be found at:
and Tumblr has banned me for life. Maybe I shouldn't have written so much meta about why Yahoo sucks.

Fandoms I have written in:
Band of Brothers*
Black Hawk Down*
A Dangerous Method*
The Boondock Saints*
Bravo Two Zero*
Chronicles of Narnia (all media types)*
The Hobbit*
Kingdom of Heaven
The Last Station*
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings RPS
Mac Hearts PC
My Bodyguard*
Nero Wolfe*
The Professionals
Stargate Atlantis
Star Trek (2009)*
X-Men: First Class*

*Fanfiction posted at AO3.

The very first fanfiction I posted (2003) is at, which is still up, all praise to the dear people who have kept it going. I have left the fic there as it was originally posted, so…yikes.