Shame gotta step up its game to get to me.

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Strange, bespectacled, obsessed with twitter (@stepquietly), Indian, fandom friendly.

Permissions: Feel free to use my stories in whatever awesome transformative manner you wish, so long as it is not for commercial purposes. No need to ask permission though I would love a link back to the original story when you post your work so I can go revel in whatever awesome thing you've done. If you translate or podfic any of my fics, feel free to make any editorial or stylistic changes you like, including (but not limited to)—
* correcting errors:
* changing syntax or reframing sentences to flow better out loud:
* removing redundant dialogue tags.

However, I do not give permission for any of my fics involving Patrick Kane to be reproduced in this manner. These fics were created before the rape allegations and I do not wish myself or my past works to be used to engage with Kane or his fandom/media persona.