My pseuds:
garden of succulents, staranise
I joined on:
I live in:
Edmonton, AB, Canada


On DW as staranise, Tumblr as star-anise and garden-of-succulents (OMGCP sideblog), and FF.N as calledbyname.

Please get my permission first before you reprint or repost any of my fic for public distribution.

I am open and welcoming to people creating transformative works in response to mine (eg. fiction, meta, fanart). Podficcers are also welcome, and if I have time I can be of assistance with pronounciations or editing a story for audio format. In any case, please appropriately credit me and any other fans involved in creating the original work or universe, and I strongly urge you to drop me a link to the finished product.

I write gen and bob and long epics about original characters. A lot of my work as a psychotherapist infects my writing. I despise the term "Mary Sue". I try to be kind.