Destruction Made Easy

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cardboardrocket, sororexitium
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According to my mind? Not here. Never here.


i'm a college student with too much time on my hands and obviously not enough homework to fill it up. i write slash of all kinds, in all situations, doing all manner of things as they come to me. i spend a lot of time on tumblr and at my college, joy to the world. i'm an insomniac with anxiety. i have a dog and two cats. i eat bread like it's going out of style and i like knitting.

i'm recently into tony/steve, but my first major fandom love was jim/bones. i am a multishipper so long as it doesn't interfere with my main pairing, if that makes any sense at all. basically give em too me single and they'll be doing the first person that comes to my mind. i like threesomes, moresomes, gen, au's, dark, light, grey. i'm so easy to please.

i'm generally not a fan of weak characters. i try to write everyone as strong as they can be despite the situation they're in and with some of the stories i write that can be a little difficult and can put a character in the realm of ooc. don't like to do this, but i can't win every battle. if you notice this, please don't hesitate to tell me because i'm fairly cool about the entire thing. mainly i want to say it is unlikely i will ever have a damsel in distress story.

other than that, read on and have a good time!