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Blanket Permission Conditions: Please contact me ahead of time if what you're thinking of doing involves editing* so we can work out details; you will be under no obligation to follow through or finish if it things don't work out. Please also contact me in advance if you want to write a sequel to any work of mine that is a collaboration (including Pod Together works), so I can check with my partner(s) about their feelings on the matter. Repods are welcome, as long as you get permission from the first podfic recorder(s).

Feel free and welcome to ask questions at any time if there's something you want more information about, if there's something I can clear up, or for any other reason. Otherwise, the minimum I ask is that you link or otherwise alert me to the finished product so I can gush over it like a broken faucet, and link back to the work that inspired you in your own work. Overall, I want the entire process to be as stress-free and enjoyable for you as possible; knowing that I inspired someone to make something more is an incredible treasure to me.

For everyone who has read this far, and following the conditions outlined above, I grant permission for further transformations of my work, including (but not limited to): fanart, icons, fanmixes, fancrafting, podfics, fanvids, commentaries, translation, remixes, and probably just about anything else you can think of.

*Special Miraculous Ladybug permissions note: You are 100% welcome to replace Cat with Chat, no asking necessary.