(and when the sky is starless)

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Cyanokit, Microlight, Skylark, Swiftling
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  • Please don't host or mirror my fics anywhere, but feel free to download them for your own private collection. Although I may change where my work is hosted, it's a personal policy that I'll never delete my works from the Internet. You'll always be able to find them, promise.
  • If you'd like to translate/remix/podfic/etc. my fics, I'll nearly always say yes, but please ask for permission first. The exception is fanart: as long as you tell me about it so I can lavish you with praise, you don't need to ask me for permission. Follow your heart.
  • You can add my fics to whatever collections or rec lists you want! You don't have to ask, but I'd be honored if you let me know about it :)

I write fics where people talk and nothing happens. (Sometimes they don't even get to talk, sometimes they just gaze at each other longingly.) I'm also a health professional—if you'd like medical fact-checking on something you're writing/working on, you can always drop me a line, even if we've never spoken before.

I love comments and especially constructive criticism, so if you have any thoughts, don't feel shy—please leave me a note. Thank you for reading my fics!

Sometimes I post commissions that I've written. You can find more examples of my work at my writing DW comm.

I maintain a Red/Green fanfiction rec list here.

If you'd like my Discord/Line/Twitter/etc., e-mail me at passerine.cloud@gmail.com and I'll share them with you.

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