who lives with the ocean

My pseuds:
Raven, singlecrow
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I love getting comments on the AO3, I do, I am just terrible at replying to them. Please don't mind. I am entirely okay with people podficcing, translating, continuing, remixing or otherwise-transforming my stories, but I'd love to see the end result if that's you're doing and please credit me as original author.

Stories without sex or violence are not rated. Stories tagged "Juvenilia" were written when I was sixteen (or fourteen, or twelve) and are mostly here for completeness: if you read them, please be kind!

(I'm loneraven on LiveJournal and raven on Dreamwidth, and singlecrow on Twitter and Tumblr. If it's something to do with solitary corvids, it's probably me. If you want more detail on the content of any of my stories before you read, please feel free to get in touch through any of them. If you want to get in touch with me for any other reason, that is also fine and welcome.)