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I read.
I beta.
I podfic.

If you would like any of my podfics in m4b format, please leave comment, and I'll do my best to make it happen asap!
My e-mail address is silkylustre4ever(a)gmail(dot)com

Other obsessions can be found on tumblr.

If you're reading this, I would most probably like to talk to you, so why don't you drop me a line?

Note on transformative works: I am pro transformative works! Please feel free to make any remixes, meta, critiques, dvd commentaries, art, vids, or whatever else you like based on my stuff. No permission necessary. If you do make any of those cool things, I ask that you notify me and give me a link to the finished product - drop me a comment here on AO3 or via email).