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Podficcer. Always making content for whatever fandom is shiniest to me at the moment.

I give blanket permission to do any further transformative fannish creation with any of my works, as long as credit is given to me. Feel free to sample or remix my audio in any way you'd like. That being said, if you're using sections that are recognizable as phrases, I obviously can't speak for the original author. And of course, I would love to be linked to something created out of my works, if you want to. You can leave a comment here, or contact me on tumblr or twitter!

If you are ever inspired to create cover art for any of my podfic, I will shower praises and adoration on you forever <3

I understand wanting to preserve things in case something happens to AO3 or to my audio hosting, so I give permission to archive my work elsewhere (and honestly if you love something of mine that much, I'm over here with the largest hearteyes). But this must be purely for archival purposes on a fannish website and not a repost under your own name, you can NOT claim any ownership over the work and MUST credit me. You also need to link back to the original post. I want that sweet sweet validation and those kudos.