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I've been writing fanfiction since I hit my teens, without knowing the term, and discovering in 2001 changed my life! :)

Shirasade.Net is my website collective, where you can also find my self-hosted archive (because I'm paranoid af, thank you LJ Strikethrough 2007 lol) - but everything I've written can be found here. You can find some more information about me on Fanlore, and I'm also on Tumblr and new on Pillowfort, if you want to say hi.

(ETA Sept 2015: I've also started vidding. Not sure how good I am, but it's quite enjoyable, so there's that. *g*)

Just a note: Any of my work is open to further transformation, including but not limited to podfic, remix, and commentary. just let me know when you post! [Snagged from jinjurly.]