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I've been writing fanfiction since I hit my teens (although, being Swiss, I wrote in German), without knowing the term, and discovering English-speaking online fandom in 2001 changed my life! I also vid, gif and host The Shipping (Pod)Cast. I follow the 3 Laws of Fandom (don't like; don't read / your kink is not my kink / ship and let ship). Flames will be used to roast marshmellows, as us fandom olds used to say. :)

Shirasade.Net is my website collective, where you can also find my self-hosted archive (because I'm paranoid af, thank you LJ Strikethrough 2007 lol) - but everything I've written/vidded/giffed can be found here. You can find some more information about me on Fanlore.

If you want to say hi: Tumblr | Mastodon | Dreamwidth (contains all my old LJ posts; currently inactive - again)

A note: Any of my work is open to further transformation, including but not limited to podfic, remix, and commentary. just let me know when you post (so I can come and squee)! [Snagged from jinjurly.]