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hello there, i'm athina and i like to write! ♥

+ for fic requests / update schedules / teasers / polls on what i'll work on next, please see my twitter.
+ if you want to add my game accounts / have me as a giftee & want to see my usual wishlist, please see my listography.
+ tumblr / curiouscat

+ translations / podfic / art / sequels/prequels / etc based on any of my fics are more than welcome! no need to ask for my permission! the only thing i ask is that (1) you put credits/link back to me/the work it's based on, on your work & (2) you give me a link so i can attach it to the original work as well! :)

+ icon credits (c) kaiten-san!

thank you for dropping by - i hope you enjoy reading my stuff! have a good day! ♥