My pseuds:
geekwriter143, Sena
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If you happen to have the urge to translate, podfic, remix, make fanart or a mix based on my stories, if you want to write a sequel or a missing scene or otherwise transform something I've written into another format, you have blanket permission to do so. I only ask that you link to the original work when you post it and then send me a link once it's up.

The one thing I don't give permission for is archiving my work on another site. Archive your work based on mine wherever you want, but please don't take something I've written and post it somewhere that I haven't. I already give people a lot of options when it comes to viewing my work, so there's no reason to put it anywhere else.

Other places you can find me include:
Hellkat Sally on Twitter
Hellkat Sally on Tumblr

and as an archive of sorts I suppose:
Sneaky Sena on LiveJournal
Janesays on Dreamwidth