In case you were wondering, my old pen name is from when I was writing a hefty lot of Andromeda, Roswell, and Mutant X fanfiction and is basically a rendering of some of my favorite characters from those universes. Unfortunately, my parents were less than thrilled with my sidelining activities and pulled me from Those stories appear to have been permanently lost. I have now changed my pen name for personal reasons.

When I returned to that world in March 2009, I entered in through Take the Lead and X-Men: The Movie. Most of my fanfictions are in those universes, but there's a Secret Garden piece, a Mandie fic, and no guarantees there won't be more. I am now writing these stories part time, due to original fiction wonderland having opened up before me again.

I hope you like.

Livejournal: scribble_myname scribblemyname