Hey there, why are you looking at this?

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Massachusetts, USA


So, yeah. Hey.

Writing is therapy, it keeps me borderline sane. As you can tell by my writing, it's not working so well, because I've clearly lost it.

I'm verbose, and I'm in love with words, and voices and the way that broken people try to communicate. Everything I write is going to be long. Oops. I won't apologize for my slash tendencies. Or my tendency towards crack-fic. Humor, I hate you, why do you keep showing up? People don't take me seriously because of you. Sigh.

Please feel free to talk to me, I'm painfully shy and I'm terrified that I'm bothering people, but I'm pretty normal once I get a chance.

Short pieces and WIP can be found on my Tumblr at: http://scifigrl47.tumblr.com/

If you wish to send me an email, I can be reached at sciwritesfic@gmail.com

If you'd like to send me something off of the internet, I can be reached here:

PO Box 1186
Berlin, MA 01503

If you feel the need to become my editor or my beta, please refrain. I am aware there are typos in my work. I also do not particularly care. I have poured literally days of my free time into these things, with no reward for the effort other than then kind words of readers. If your comment is going to consist of a string of corrections, please keep it to yourself. I do not employ a beta, but if I ever choose to have one, it'll be one of my own choosing.

Thank you for your understanding.