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Profile last edited on June 20, 2012

I'm a fan fiction writer with works also listed on other archives. If you see things in the author's notes that refer to nonexistent reviews or otherwise don't make sense, that's because I'm referring to something that happened on a different archive.

I started uploading my stories on in mid-2009, later discovered AFF and began uploading both old and new works there, and AO3 here is the third archive I decided to upload to. I eventually discovered yet other fanfic archives.

If you want to keep track of only finished fics, try following me on my LiveJournal. If you want to keep track of chapter updates in ongoing fics, those do not appear on LiveJournal, instead follow me here on AO3.

LiveJournal functions as a fic masterlist for things that are finished. AO3 functions as a fic masterlist for both finished and unfinished fics.

I also do fan things other than fanfics that get mentioned on my LiveJournal as I upload them, and I have a YouTube channel for fan vids.