Sam A. Lander, Girl Wonder

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Baltimore, MD
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I'm a Fandom Old, but you might have guessed that from the birthday. A trekkie from the third grade on, still sad I've never met Jonathan Frakes. First ever ship was created in front of Nick At Night, where I frantically wanted Maxwell Smart to leave 99 for me.


Statement on Transformative Works: I play with other people's characters here, so I think it would be hypocritical of me to withhold the same joy from other people. You do not need my permission to create secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have posted. If it is a work I am a co-creator of, please check with the other creator before proceeding.
I do ask that you include a link back to my work, and share the link to your work with me.
Please feel free to download any stories you find here, but please do not reupload them without my express permission.
If I delete a story that you have downloaded, please contact me to discuss distribution.
Please ask before reposting any of my work to any other site.

I can be found on lj as _samalander/velocicopter, on tumblr as intosnarkness and on dreamwidth as samalander. You can also email me at

And for the record, all credit for the name Samalander goes to Eve Forward.