♫ hand in hand with the electronic renaissance is the way to go ♫

My pseuds:
darkages, parenthetic, renaissance
I joined on:


  • i'm mallory, the author formerly known as memorde, ancient and prolific, trading in canon divergence and minor characters
  • find me on dreamwidth as memorde/darkages, and on tumblr as renaissancefic
  • i'm primarily writing for harry potter at the moment, with a bit of yuri!!! on ice and merlin on the side. sorry if you came for the haikyuu/asoiaf/raven cycle
  • also aroceu is my fandom wife read aro’s fics

transformative and other related works statement:

  • remixes: i give permission on request for anyone to create remixes of my work on the condition that they're posted on ao3 as related works. this means: i do not want to be gifted remixes unless we've talked about it first.
  • translations: i give blanket permission for anyone to translate my works on the condition that they are posted on ao3. this means: i do not want co-authorship of translations. this also means: i want to be able to easily access any translations of my work, which is why i ask for them to be on ao3. if you don't have an ao3 account, i'm always happy to get an invitation for you. if you don't know how to post a related work, let me know and i'll talk you through it.
  • podfic: i give permission on request for anyone to create podfic of my works on the condition that they are only posted on ao3 as related works and nowhere else. this means: everything for translation applies, but i reserve the right to refuse permission to podfic any of my works. please ask first!
  • collections: i will reject all requests to add my works to collections. nothing personal, i just like to keep my fic organised a certain way, i.e. only event fics in event collections, and no other works in collections. feel free to bookmark my works to collections, though!