Still on the Quest

My pseuds:
rabbit, rabidsamfan
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I've been writing fanfiction -- or thinking about it -- since I was very small. Some of it is good, some of it is awful, and most of it will end up here, sooner or later, as I'm trying to archive it in more than one place, having been there, done that, with a geocities website that was lost to corporate profit-and-loss.

There will be drabbles. And wips. Far too many wips... And quite possibly, some things from my younger self that should probably not see the light of day, but I haven't committed myself to that yet.

When it comes to works of mine which have no co-author, you may podfic or translate or illustrate, but please do let me know that you've done so, and provide a link. If there is a co-author, please ask first.