My pseuds:
Ember Nickel, Five Cent Ash, primeideal
I joined on:
I live in:
GMT -8


Ember Nickel on most of the web (although not everyone who goes by that name is me, so watch out!). Also, I'm primeideal on Dreamwidth, and on Tumblr. I came here mostly to look at some small-fandom stuff, although most of my fics are in relatively large fandoms.

I promise that everything I upload to this account is complete, part of a sequential challenge, or will be clearly tagged if incomplete and abandoned.

I will always warn for underage or non-consensual sex (so far I have never written the latter, and do not plan on doing so). "No Archive Warnings Apply" should be assumed to refer to major character death or violence.

If you want to translate/podfic/remix/do anything to my fics, I'd be pleased and honored! Please let me know if you choose to upload it. :)