I'm a Freaking Dinosaur

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Texas, USA


I am a man with dark hair and green eyes. I wear glasses. I have a scar on my forehead from an encounter in my early childhood. My wife is from a family larger than mine.

Of course, my hair is brown, not black; my glasses are rectangular, not round; and the scar is from a piece of furniture, not a Dark Lord. My wife doesn't have six brothers.
However, I have been told that I bear a slight resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe, or as one cashier put it: "You look like Harry Potter!".

The pleurocoelus is (obviously) a dinosaur (see profile pic).

I plan on exploring the themes and tropes common to HP fanfic. Some I will play straight, others I will mercilessly parody. All in all, the goal is to see what happens. Now, if I can just get these stories actually written.

Canon ships mainly, Harry/Ginny at all times.

I also post on FFN and SIYE. My goal is to have all my stories crossposted to all my sites (so long as they meet the site criteria), but there may be some stories that are only on one of them.