Fate is a sea without end

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piscarius -i (Latin): Of or belonging to fish.

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"If you should write a fable for little fishes, you would make them speak like great whales."
- Goldsmith to Johnson


Feel free to create remixes, podfic, artwork, translations, or other types of secondary fanwork off any of my stories. Just please link back to my work. I'd also appreciate a heads up when you post something based off one of my stories. I love to see what people come up with!

Podficcers, I know that stories don't always translate perfectly into audio exactly as written. If you need to make minor changes to the text (adding or removing dialogue tags, for example), that's fine. Please consult me if you have any more significant changes in mind.

If you want to repod a story I've already recorded, go right ahead, as long as it's okay with the author.

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