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Hello! I'm a fangirl. I love being a fangirl. I fangirl all over sometimes, but I tend to concentrate on a few special Things, which I get completely and irrationally obsessed with.

I've been a dedicated member of the Harry Potter fandom since 2005 and just recently discovered the wonder that is BBC Sherlock. I come here to play and lurk and read and love and occasionally cry (because we all do over something, let's be honest). I read a lot more than I write, though I have probably at least two dozen stories half completed that may or may not ever get finished.

I'm a self-professed Anglophile, though I am indeed American. I am a bit of a canon freak, but obviously only to a certain extent. I do love my gay men :D I'm a boring office girl by day, epic nerd by night, drinker of far too much tea, music lover, seamstress and devoted audiobook geek.

Hopefully that's enough info for now. Off to play!

EDIT: Alright you guys, I have succumbed. I have a Tumblr now. I will warn you, I still have absolutely no idea how to use it, and will probably continue to just reblog an obnoxious quantity of pictures of Mr Cumberbatch and Mr Freeman and other people's gif sets, but if you'd like to follow me, I'm there :D