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Indianapolis, IN


A one-woman plague of enemies-to-lovers. I read my handle as "P-ten-thirteen," but I'm not your mom, so do what you want. 😘

You can hear about my random thoughts and fandom feels on my Tumblr.

You can also find out more about my original writing by following me on Twitter @p1013

You do not need to ask my permission to translate or create art for any fanwork I have posted. Anything you produce in turn should feature a link back to my work and credit me by name using the "inspired by" feature here on AO3. You should also share the link to your work with me! This serves two purposes: to keep me informed and make me very happy. I'd absolutely love to know about it! However, I’m going to have to ask that you’re over the legal age in your country of residence if the work you're consuming is rated mature or explicit.

If you would like to create a podfic of any of my works or create remixes or continuations of any of my works, please contact me at p1013fic@gmail.com to request permission.

While I greatly appreciate requests to add my fics to collections, I have a blanket rule to not add my fics to them unless they're part of a fest I'm participating in. It's happened to too many friends of mine where they've added their fic to a collection, and then the collection owner makes it anonymous or unreveals it, and suddenly, my the fic is no longer visible to others. If you'd like to add my works to a bookmark collection instead, then be my guest.

Do not repost my works to other archives, including but not limited to fanfiction.net or Wattpad, and do not add listings for my fics on Goodreads.