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Hi, I'm Lauren, I'm too old to still be spending this much time reading and writing fanfiction and yet, I feel zero percent sorry about it. I live mostly over on tumblr at thegloryof, which I have no idea how to link here but is linked at the bottom of Will to Follow Through.

if you're unfamiliar with my writing, here are the important things you know:

1. I suck at writing smut. like, I really suck at it. a lot. so don't expect to ever read any explicit sex in anything I write, sorry to Derek and Stiles and the readers for the unresolved sexual tension.

2. I used to be the kind of author that replied to EVERY SINGLE REVIEW, and it bothers me immensely that I'm not anymore. unfortunately, the fact that the replies are public and not private kind of freaks me out even more, so until I figure out a good way to privately respond to reviews just be content with the knowledge that I read EVERY SINGLE REVIEW and coo like a fangirl over them (and sometimes rant like a lunatic to Allison about them).

3. The biggest flaw I have found on AO3 is that the tagging system has led to people expecting authors to overtag the SHIT out of everything. major warnings will always be tagged, but I will never tag every detail of the plot. if you have any concerns before reading, please feel free to ask!

4. If you exist in the tumblr world where offenses are many and self-righteous indignation is common, please be warned that me and my writing are probably not for you.

5. Pop culture references are abundant in my writing. If something catches your eye that you think deserves a copyright disclaimer, if you read something that intrigues you enough that you want to know more about the source so you can look it up yourself, or if you just get really excited because THAT'S TOTALLY A REFERENCE TO THAT BOOK YOU USED TO LOVE NO ONE EVER REFERENCES THAT BOOK OH MY GOD LET'S BE FRIENDS...then let's be friends!