*I give blanket permission to anyone who wishes to produce transformative work of my work, including but not limited to fanart, sequels, remixes, translations, and podfic. I would only like for you to credit me for my role in your work and would appreciate being linked to your work. :)

I'm known as mistykasumi on FFN, postingwhore on lj, and pulchritude on dw. My older stuff is under the pseud mistykasumi, while the newer stuff is under oultrepreu.

You can also find my fic on lj and dw, under oultrepreu. I haven't transferred all of my fic over here, as I got tired of transferring stuff that I didn't really like, lol.

I wouldn't read most of my earlier works (say, before mid-2004 or so). You do so at your own risk! :P