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HEY HERE'S A THING! I'm going to be leading a writing workshop at the Teen Wolf convention BiteCon 2015 (April 10-12 in Los Angeles), and you can sign up here!

Transformative Works Policy: If you'd like to create any sort of transformative work based on any of my fic -- podfic, art, remix, translation, vid, gifset, whatever -- I would be DELIGHTED. Just credit me as the author of the work you're transforming and include a link back to the original. (Using the "inspired by" feature here on AO3 is super handy for that.) And I'd love to have a link to your finished work so I can check it out! Feel free to check in with me about your ideas if you want, I promise I'm friendly. :D You can contact me here on AO3 or on tumblr.