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I'm Ally, and you can find me at various places around the internet: LJ | DW | twitter

Fanfic / Podfic

Transformative Works Statement

You are welcome to create transformative works from my fanworks, including podfic, fanart, remixes, or any kind of audio transformation you care to do with my podfics. There's no need to ask permission, but I would ask that you both give me credit for the parts that are mine, and give me a link/otherwise notify me about the finished product.

There are two caveats to this blanket statement:

  1. If you transform my podfic, please also obtain permission from the original author.
  2. Please do not archive the original work in its original form anywhere without permission.



I don't believe that anyone needs my permission to re-pod, but if you want my permission, you have it!

GoT/ASOIAF Blanket Permission List