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olive2pod, olive2read
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Avid creator/consumer of all the things, especially if there’s banging. More fandom-adjacent than fandom-engaged. Intersectional. Queer. Introvert. Dragon. They/them. Same handle on twitter & DW.

Transformative Works
If you wanna use my stuff to inspire your own transformative works, whether podifc or other types, you have my blessing and heartfelt thanks. I try to tag my completed fics as “podfic welcome” so they’re searchable by that tag (but I don’t always remember). If you’re hoping to create some other type of transformative work, including cover art for my pods or re-covers or or re-mixes, have at it — just be sure to link back to my work or send me a link if you're posting somewhere not ao3! :D (for re-pods, no need to check with me—just the creator of the work you’re podding!)

*NB: if you're using one of my works that has collaborators, check their permission statements before using the content. My statement only covers my works / contributions. Also if something is archive locked, please also archive lock your transformative work.

Constructive Criticism
- SPaG: I edit my fic, I swear, but I’m constantly finding stuff that I’ve missed. As such, if you find a spelling, punctuation, or other minor grammar thing you think is an error in one of my fics, please feel free to leave me a comment about it so I can decide if it needs to be changed.
- If you've found language or concepts in a fic to be problematic, please reach out to me privately. I have the same handle on twitter and dreamwidth for DMs.
- If you have broader constructive criticism to share, I'm UNLIKELY to be interested and would rather you keep that to yourself.
Please note: whether minor error or broader issue, I won’t necessarily make the change that you’d like to see.