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This site and the works on it have changed my life for the better. I came to fandom as a woman with no boundaries, who called herself a gay man trapped in a woman's body, who had lots of sexual experience with women but couldn't call herself bisexual, who was in a loveless marriage with an abusive person. I am now able to say that I'm: nonbinary, pansexual and panromantic, I can say no to sex that I don't want and I can say that I prefer to be the dominant, more active partner in bed/play. And I'm on the road to finally being free from my abuser. I very much doubt that most of that would have happened in the absence of the community that AO3 has enabled.

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[Original bio from 2009: I am so damn excited for this site. Finally, a place where the admins share fandom's philosophy and values. I feel so optimistic about humanity...]