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I'm probably the notthequiettype you remember. Sorry.

Trying to get all of my old fic up here. I try to always scan for particularly problematic stuff, but I've grown up a lot in the last 10-15 years and I think part of that is accepting that I made mistakes and not pretending I was perfect. I apologize profusely if something hurtful remains. Please don't be afraid to point it out!

Do not post my work anywhere without my express permission, even in translation or podfic. If you or someone you know has already done so, please remove it or ask them to do so.

Do not discuss my fic on Goodreads.

I do not grant permission to have ebooks created of my stories.

Leave my fic on AO3 where it belongs. Please please please. This is why I removed myself from LJ in the first place.