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I always told myself stories about the tv shows I enjoyed watching, but when the internet and Disney's Gargoyles rolled around I finally had to capture those stories onto metaphorical paper. Since then, I've dabbled in various fandoms, and eventually become addicted to World of Warcraft and the stories I can create in game. Post-college life has caught up with me and so nowadays I just dabble in writing - some WoW based, some my own work, and some just strange - most of which I keep on my LiveJournal. I have an ancient website that hasn't been updated in forever, but shows - um, hopefully how my skills have grown over the years. ^_^;

I've lately been sucked into tumblr, as well as the Star Wars fandom - there's a lot of that running around in my brain, and with the incredible Dogmatix co-writing, you can expect to see a lot more of it.

If anyone ever wants to art or podfic or whatever any of our writing, all we ask is that you send us a link, because we really really want to squee over it. :D