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nekosmuse, nekosmuse_archive
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A little late to the party, but here be the stuff I'm currently writing.

See my pseud nekosmuse_archive for older works/fandoms (previously housed on my website).

Also: currently revising to include Sherlock Holmes reviews/scholarship only.
dreamwidth- SPN meta.
Tumblr - no longer active, but that's prone to change.

Transformative statement:

You may, without asking:

Translate any of my works
Remix any of my works
Transform any of my works (including podfics)
Share/redistribute any of my works
Build upon any of my works

I only ask that you:

Provide a link to the original source
Don’t make any money off it


You do NOT have permission to upload my works to any database, including Goodreads.

Also, you can find information on citing fanworks (such as Decoding the Subtext--archived elsewhere) here: