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I can be found most frequently on tumblr, but also at twitter. Please don't hesitate to friend/follow/talk to me! :)

You can find my current list of top 6 fave fics/nebulia sampler here

I prefer they pronouns but I'll also accept she, thanks!

Currently hanging in haikyuu!!, miraculous ladybug, ace attorney, one punch man, and chihayafuru, among others. formerly into hockey rpf, but not aggressively so right now. Definitely middle-aged for fandom.

I opt to not rate the majority of my fics (since about 2013/2014--before that, I tried to rate more judiciously) largely because I find it difficult to decide on ratings (understatement: I've spent literal hours agonizing over it). Fics not labeled as explicit may still have graphic violence (though I do provide the archive warning for that) and almost always (not a guarantee, but it's pretty common) at least some language. And even a fic that has no language/violence might have themes that I personlly wouldn't feel comfortable giving a G rating, or whatever. If you're concerned about the content of a fic, I tag fairly extensively and always have difficult-to-tag or extra content warnings in the notes. Mild sexual content (shall we say, a lime lol) sometimes gets an M rating, and explicit sexual content will always get an E. Otherwise, I largely just don't spend the time agonizing over how I'll rate a fic outside of archive warnings and tags.