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There's something strange going on here. Let's go and poke it with a stick. (was my senior quote but mainly I just ramble about things)

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I'm a 19 year old college student at Texas A&M University, I love my school and hope to major in Telecommunications with a minor in Theater and work in television as a producer/director/writer/actress and in theater as whatever they'll have me as. I don't care much for boys other than as friends, girls are pending consideration. I'm an equal opportunity snuggler and enjoy as much human interaction as possible. I primarily consume and bookmark f/f fics tho.
Primary fandoms include: Doctor Who, especially 11+/River, the Ponds, 10/Donna, and Vastra/Jenny; Agent Carter, which I defend aggressively (at least the 1st season) as 1 of the best shows on television #Cartinelli forever (GIVE US ANGIE BACK); Warehouse 13, eternal favorite b/c I am a complete sucker for a bunch of nerds coming together as an unconventional family, Claudia is precious + Bering and Wells is eternal; Rizzoli & Isles; OUAT is my guilty pleasure because I love SQ but the show itself is just terrible, horrible writing, so I comfort myself with amazing fic; Person of Interest/shoot; Wicked/Gelphie; The Addams Family; Jessica Jones; anything with lots of awesome female characters really. Bones is my nostalgia fandom. I went through a ~3 month long Pitch Perfect 2 obsession but tv is my lifeblood. Star Wars is great tho.
BTW shameless plug- I did a senior thesis called "Don't Judge the Genre By Its Cover: Defending the Merits of Fanfiction", I'm quite proud of it and if you'd like to watch (please do, and then tell me b/c none of my friends care about fanfic) just search the title on Google, it'll show up on Vimeo.
That's about all of my rambling for the moment, other than I'm ADHD, and want to write more but have to be hounded to do so. I love all you awesome fandom people ;)