a big ball of anxiety

My pseuds:
moonythejedi394, senatorofsorcery
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hello, lovelies, if you like my work here and want to read more, you can find me on fanfiction.net as senatorofsorcery or on SIYE as Senator of Sorcery. but if you're here, i assume it's because you're attempting to stalk me. i'm one of those dratted kids who either doesn't go outside and uses the internet all day or spends too much time at st*rbucks (bc i work there, hence the censorship, but still i live there now, fuck me, and tip your baristas), sadly a citizen of the US, and a giant ball of anxiety that spits out a variety of stories. irl i'm a student/writer and overcaffeinated barista (hey it's easy when it's free) who probably spends too much time obsessing over harry potter and youtubers. i write fanfics, short stories, and I've got a novel I'm s'posed to be working on but why spend time on that when j could write stuff that i'll never be able to profit off? (jk i'm writing all sorts of stuff hey maybe one day you'll be in a bookstore and you'll find a book called touch my bleeding heart starring a shy trans boy named Sam and a confused demi-romantic artist named Liam. give it a read, yeah?)
if you'd like to follow me on tumblr, I'm senatorofsorcery, and i'm on spotify as moonythejedi4 where there is a For In Dreams playlist (A World Entirely Our Own), a raise your hand if you're trash playlist and a same story; told different ways playlist