a big ball of anxiety

My pseuds:
moonythejedi394, moonythejedi395
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hello ducklings, it's your friendly neighborhood angst queen. i have painstakingly carved out this corner of the internet where i've become that A/B/O and trash writer. i am not ashamed. unless you've managed to find me irl in which case, yes, i stole my shoelaces from the president, but no do not let my grandma know i'm one of the gays.



if you'd like to follow me on tumblr i'm sorta still there, i'm moonythejedi394. i'm also on dreamwidth. worried about tumblr's imminent collapse and in the cap fandom? notlucy created a google spreadsheet to help everyone figure out where they're going. i'm on spotify as moonythejedi4 where there are playlists for things i've written.