a big ball of anxiety

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hello, lovelies, if you're here, i assume it's because you're attempting to stalk me. i'm one of those dratted kids who either doesn't go outside and uses the internet all day, sadly a citizen of the US, and a giant ball of anxiety that spits out a variety of stories. irl i'm a student/writer who probably spends too much time obsessing over fandoms. i write fanfics, short stories, and I've got a novel I'm s'posed to be working on but why spend time on that when i could write stuff that i'll never be able to profit off? (jk i'm writing all sorts of stuff hey maybe one day you'll be in a bookstore and you'll find a book called touch my bleeding heart starring a shy trans boy named Sam and a confused demi-romantic artist named Liam. give it a read, yeah?)
if you'd like to follow me on tumblr, i'm moonythejedi394, and i'm on spotify as moonythejedi4 where there are playlists for things i've written.