The Queen Of Tease

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Daisuke_Takahiro, momiji_neyuki
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Anime Hell with my lovely Waifu Tachibana Makoto


I have been a writer on AO3 for the past nine years and I can tell you one thing I know about me. I WRITE TOO MANY FUCKING FICS AT ONCE! @~@

Now that I got that out of the way, let me explain. I like to stay active in my writing and my imagination. Because of this i am constantly coming up with ideas for new fics. I know it seems like I have many fics that only have one or two chapters, but I promise you, they are not abandoned. I try never to abandon fics without good reason.

Anyway, so I usually update each fic at least once a month. Some are short chapters fics, between 3-6 chapters, and others semi long fics, between 6-10 chapters. Then there are the novel size or epic chapter fics that I have no idea when they will end. My longest to date is Bondage Mansion, the first fic I wrote in the MCR fandom, back when I was writing bandom, which is 55 chapters. That was a solo fic. I have a collab fic in the MCR fandom that was over 200,000+ words that I am pretty proud of too.

Oh that is another thing, no matter what fic it is or how old it is, I will always answer comments about it even if i am not writing in that fandom anymore. Comments are our life source here! ^-^

Just a few more notes about me here:

I write anime fics under Daisuke_Takahiro.

I have my own OTP's in each fandom, but I am willing to try a pairing with almost anyone, so don't be afraid to ask.

I enjoy creating collections so that subjects or ships are easy to find.

I'm the proud writer of over 200 fics! I credit my recently deceased husband for encouraging my creativity and for reminding me that I have a wonderful talent for telling stories and descriptions.
Thank you David.

You can find me on Instagram @Daisuke_Takahiro. I also have a LINE account under the same name. Feel free to say hi to me any of those places. ^-^

Thank you for discovering and reading my creations, all my love,

~The Queen of Tease~