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    Primary Universe: A time-travelling Sansa Stark directs her own game of thrones, encouraging Robb to secede from the Seven Kingdoms far earlier, and marrying Theon for love, gaining a crown of her own. Meanwhile, a whole range of family shenanigans go down at the Dreadfort (all Bolton fics are in chronological order here).

    Secondary Universe: Ramsay Bolton strays into the Primary Universe, and has to confront his past choices. Given the chance to be the Northern crown's most unlikely saviour, he weighs up his needs.

    Tertiary Universe: Despite being the only human in a family of vampires, Jon Snow has come of age in very comfortable circumstances. He's not quite equipped to deal with a post-torture Theon Greyjoy from the Secondary Universe, who is quite convinced Jon's world is a trauma-induced dream.
    (Crossover with Castlevania. Only fics which relate to the Secondary Universe will be added here, the rest of the Tertiary verse fics can be found here)

    Quaternary Universe: where I scream into the void and hope something answers back.


    10 Jul 2018