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If I tried to explain how I write things, all I would be able to say is that I hear voices. A lot of them. They start talking and won't shut up; in the car, in the shower, walking my dog, anywhere it would be inconvenient to write them down. They just babble and don't stop until I'm conversing with them, listening to their story, and finally, agreeing to write it, sometimes much against my better judgment.

Yeah, I'm a little crazy and so are my characters -usually. A few are deadly serious, but most of them are just (hopefully) charming idiots. They're usually a little vulgar, a lot oversexed, and they like the word fuck. Like, a LOT. But so do I, so we're simpatico. I tweet a little about writing here and there, reblog a little about writing in a few places. Somehow, it all works out.

Ah, and I am also on here as teecrushfics! I know it's confusing, but I've written under both, so if you enjoy my writing, please check that pseud too. Thanks loves!