Zigismunda formosa

My pseuds:
melannen, necreavit, nennalem, pannychis
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I live in:
maryland, usa


Hi! I write fic. My driving fannish ambition is to one day qualify for remix (by having five complete non-crossover stories in a large fandom) in something other than HP. Given my love of small fandoms, lack of fannish attention span, and obsession with crossovers, this doesn't seem likely.

(but, hey, you can still remix me anytime, baby.*)

I'm melannen at dreamwidth when I'm not finishing fic, which is most of the time.

*which is to say, any work posted to this account is freely available for remixing, podficcing, vidding, setting to music, illustrating, sequels, translations, critique or commentary, or any other not-for-profit derivative work, without needing any further permission from me. Though I would prefer if you link to the original as your inspiration, and drop me a note so that I can be delighted that I've inspired someone! If you would like to archive any of these stories publicly without transformation, or use them for a commercial project, please request permission first.