My pseuds:
meinterrupted, shinykari
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On of fandom's queer vodka aunts. Not here for anti bullshit or character bashing. Mostly can be found at Twitter and Tumblr; formerly on DW and LJ.

These fics may contain sexual situations, violence, and/or extreme kinks, including dubiously consensual and non-consensual sex acts, and are intended for mature audiences only. Please heed all tags and read responsibly. I do my best to tag appropriately, and am happy to expand on any tags or warnings upon request.

Transformative Works Policy: All fanworks I have written or created are game for further transformative work, including, but not limited to: podfic, remix, translations, sequels, prequels, playing in my sandbox, meta, and/or commentaries. You do not need to ask permission; I only ask that you please link me to what you've created when you are done.

In regards to my original works (currently being posted under then username shiny_silver_socks), I ask that you request permission before publishing (to AO3 or elsewhere) any further transformative work. Many of these are parts of larger universes and stories and may be pulled from AO3 at my discretion in order to publish elsewhere.