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On tumblr as themardia, on LJ and DW as mardia. I also am on twitter as themardia, however that twitter is locked for fourth-wall purposes, although I do approve people who are fannish!

Podfic/transformative works policy: If you want to podfic, remix, make art, do whatever with my fic, that's absolutely fine with me! I'd love to get a link just so I can see what you've done and squee over it. The one note I have is over my locked RPF fic--if it's locked to the AO3, then I would ask that you a) lock your work when posting on the AO3, b) if you're looking to post it at a comm somewhere, make the post members-locked, and c) if it's podfic you're looking to archive somewhere else, just leave the author field anonymous and simply use a link to the locked AO3 story as author credit. If you have any further questions about this, feel free to contact me at Tumblr or LJ/DW!