My pseuds:
ariadne, magpie_fngrl
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I live in:
the Mediterranean


European, Slytherin, INFP, True/Chaotic Neutral, she/her.

Blanket permission policy:
Feel free to translate or create fan art, vids, comics, podfics of my fics for non-commercial purposes (ie, not for your Patreon). Preferably, your work will be on AO3 & linked to mine as a Related Work. Remixing my fic (prequels, sequels, whatever) is totally welcome; again, I'd prefer it linked to mine on AO3.

Reposting (on Wattpad, Instagram, anywhere else) isn't allowed. If you wish to share one of my fics with your insta followers, you can screenshot the header and provide a link.

Concrit policy:
I'm not interested in constructive criticism or plain criticism. However, I welcome questions regarding the story itself, the way I might have interpreted/changed/added something to the canon or how I approached [canon aspect/story element].

I've streamlined my tags. No specific sexual acts will be tagged, nor will minor content details. Fics with noncon and MCD will be tagged with that specific warning. Some are Author Chose Not to Use Warnings. If a story is rated as such, assume it'll contain mature, adult themes. I won't be tagging exhaustively for every story element. Requests for specific tags might not be granted.

Find me at: DreamWidth, Twitter, Pillowfort & Tumblr. Email: magpiefngrl [at] gmail[dot]com