My pseuds:
Lys ap Adin, lysapadin
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Fanwriter since before I knew it was called fanfiction; muse-pecked and plotbunny-haunted. Possessed of an extremely vivid inner life. Serially monogamous with my fandoms, but prone to having wild flings with other shiny fandoms on the side. Got my formal start writing for Gundam Wing, hopped over to Prince of Tennis after a few years, and then a few years later moved on to Katekyou Hitman Reborn, and after a few years of that, Kuroko no Basuke. After that I dabbled some in Daiya no Ace, and now I seem to have fallen headlong in love with Voltron: Legendary Defender.

My fic journal can be found on Dreamwidth. I'm also on Tumblr at lysapadin.

Podfic, remixes, translations, and other extensions of my fic: You don't need to ask for my permission if you'd like to record a podfic of my stuff, do a remix, translate something, do fanart, write prequels/sequels, or otherwise play in my creative sandbox. I'd love to know about it, though, if you do, and I'd really appreciate it if you linked back to the original and/or my journal archive.