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My name is Emily.

Blanket permission statement:

I'd be super thrilled if you wanted to record one of my fics into a podfic. Please, just make sure you provide me to the link when it's done, in the comments of my fic or wherever, and make sure you provide a way for people to leave feedback for me, the author, like including a link to the original fic. Also please credit my name, "luvtheheaven", in the audio of the podfic itself, and credit me as the author. Thanks!

I similarly grant permission for fanart based on my fanworks - and for any other thing like remix stuff I'm less familar with, I probably will grant it but just contact me first! I'm on twitter, tumblr, etc as luvtheheaven!

I am very asexual. Also on the aro spectrum.

I'm an atheist, although I was raised Catholic & my dad's side of the family are Reform Jews so I have some first-hand knowledge of Judaism as well. I know a lot about a variety of religions and am sympathetic to religious mindsets but... my atheism is kind of a huge deal to me at the same time... kind of have a lot of opinions on this matter.

I grew up with an abusive/mentally ill mother. My father is great and at age 27, me, him, and my 25 year old brother all live together as roommates, essentially.

I've always loved reading/writing about grief, and after a relative committed suicide, I became extra-interested in angst filled stories that explore those types of feelings (while treating the issue as serious!).

I watch countless fandoms and am a vidder. Please check out my videos. I have playlists, mainly of my own vids organized by fandom, but also a few playlists of videos made for me, or videos I've "liked" or "Favorited" I think... but yeah vidding is my number 1 fannish activity. If there's a fandom I love, there's a 99% chance I've vidded it at least a little, a much lower chance I've written in it yet or podficced it.