Delirium of the Endless

My pseuds:
Dena, lorax, SullenSiren, voicessayhello
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▸ Journal: Dreamwidth
▸ Tumblr: Tumblr
▸ Challenges: If you're assigned me in a fic exchange/challenge, feel free to peruse my journals, archives, etc for more information if needed!
▸ Pseudonyms: I was previously "SullenSiren" on most sites. On sites where "Lorax" is now taken, I often use "voicessayhello".
▸ Other Archives: I no longer keep updated archives off of the A03, though I previously had IJ, LJ, and Skyehawke archives.
▸ Concrit: I'd rather not, though little things like typos feel free.
▸ Warnings: I believe in warnings, and will use the Archive provided ones where appropriate, and warn in fic headers otherwise. If you believe a story requires a warning that I neglected, feel free to let me know and I will add it.
▸ Contact: Email or PM's on any site welcomed.
▸ Redistribution: Links to any of my work may be freely shared, and you may feel free to friend/subscribe to me on my journals, or to subscribe on the A03. Downloaded copies from the AO3 may of course be kept, but if shared, please keep my header information with it, and include a link to a story post, so that people may comment if they like.
▸ Transformative Works: Any of my stories may be freely used for podfics, remixes, or meta discussions, but if they are used, I request a link back to the original, and request a comment/email/communication of some kind letting me know, so that I may be nosy and look/listen, please!