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I am a multi-ship slasher in the Harry Potter fandom. I currently live on Tumblr, but none of my old works are there and I mostly reblog Wolfstar, although I will be linking to all new works from there. I cross-post to DW and LJ but I'm not otherwise active over there atm, except for fests. I also have an Insane Journal account, but I only use it to post to Daily Deviant on the 8th of every odd-numbered month, which can't be cross-posted here until the following month.

Here's the links to where else I can be found:


Writer's Tumblr Where I reblog HP, queer issues, and cross-post fics
RP Tumblr Where I tell stories through RP as various characters and ships and reblog RPs of others
Dreamwidth Masterlist
Livejournal Masterlist
Daily Deviant